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We offer a complete line of the highest quality precious metal products for individual buyers, jewelers, the dental industry, and assay testing laboratories. Welcome to our new website for your Platinum Labware inquiries and needs.

Any used platinum or platinum alloy items such as the ones illustrated on this website, can be credited in many ways. We will assay the items to identify the alloy composition and we will offer you the most competitive settlement terms in the industry. Please give us a call for details or click here to start the process.

When an item is slightly damaged, cracked or has a small perforation, it is possible to refurbish it providing we have the appropriate tooling to re-work it. The item is then reshaped and repolished. However, if the item is badly damaged and can't be refurbished, we will send you a quote for a new one.

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Home Refining Refurbishing FAQ Contact Us
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